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The North End Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich history of our community. Your donation to our general fund will help us continue our of educating and engaging visitors about the unique heritage of the North End. Every contribution makes a difference, and we appreciate your support. Thank you for helping us keep history alive.

Noble Journey Sculpture

We seek to install a bronze sculpture at St. Leonard Church (SLC) in Boston’s North End to symbolize the first steps down a gangway from Italy to America which Italian and other immigrants walked after crossing the Atlantic from the 1850’s to the 1920’s.

With love and devotion, you can walk in the footsteps of your ancestors whose dream it was to make a better social, economic, and spiritual life for themselves, their families and their future. These footprints lead directly into the first Italian Catholic Church in New England which they built in 1873 for their spiritual guidance, and to grow their new community. Now, St. Leonard Church is the congregation of Sacred Heart and St. Stephen Church, St. Mary Chapel, and St. John’s parochial school. It is also the hub for spiritual collaboration by the North End’s well-known religious societies. SLC is in the heart of the North End with an iconic Peace Garden.


It will remind all visitors of the values, challenges, courage, and dedication it took to make their vision a reality, and inspire its continuity and evolution.

The North End Neighborhood Museum Fund

The NEHS sees it as its mission and responsibility to acquire an appropriate exhibition space for a public display of items that illustrate North End neighborhood history. This facility would involve touch-screen displays, exhibition space for historic artifacts, and a gallery dedicated to the unique history of the Italians in Boston.
All donations via check can be mailed to:


P.O Box 130152

Boston, Ma. 02113

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