Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress. "Frank De Natale, a 12-year old barber. Lathers and shaves customers in father's shop, 416 Hanover Street, after school and Saturday. Taken 1917 by Lewis W. Hine.


THANK YOU! to the over 140 people who packed the Modern Theatre at Suffolk University for the Premiere of Our Film, Boston's North End: An Italian American Story

The First-Ever Feature-Length Film About Italian-American North Enders

On January 20

Where is the DVD of "Boston's North End: An Italian American Story"?

Even though it only takes a couple of days to make the physical DVDs and put them in their cases, it hasn't been done as of June, 2016. We showed what we had back in January in part to raise funds to finish the film and make the DVDs. We have mostly raised the necessary funds with pre-orders and donations, and the graphic designer, film director and editor, and lawyer (for copyright permissions) are 99% done with their work to make this film the best in quality and in portrayal of the North End. As soon as they are 100% done, we will make the DVDs and send them first and immediately to all of you who have pre-ordered them.

Thank you for your continued patience with this important project!



Stephen Pass (2)

Thanks Alex
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