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The mission of the North End Historical Society is to collect and preserve the historical record and material culture of Boston's North End, and to preserve, catalog, and present these resources in service to the wider community through publications, lectures, educational programs, and exhibits. The mission includes ongoing efforts to bring together scholars and individuals knowledgeable and interested in all aspects of the North End's history.​ 

Our Story

We are North End enthusiasts, resident and non, who are committed to uncovering the rich and dynamic history of one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the entire USA and sharing it in ways that are responsive and accessible to all. 

The North End Historical Society (NEHS) was legally incorporated in 2010 as a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We welcome new members to the NEHS and hope to represent a broad spectrum of neighborhood interests and voices in our programming and publications.

Our on-going activities as an organization include:

Sponsorship of public lectures and site tour 

Collaboration with other area organizations on a wider variety of neighborhood events

Promotion of insightful and informative demonstrations of North End history and culture

Our Goals

The North End Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich history of Boston's North End. Our goals include educating the community about the area's past, fostering collaboration among local organizations, and promoting a sense of community pride. Join us in celebrating the vibrant history of this beloved neighborhood.










Donations are an essential part of keeping the North End story alive

Your donations support these emails, our digital presence, programs, and volunteers that make everything we do possible.

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