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Want to help support our mission? We have a variety of ways for you to help, some from the comfort of your own home!

Choose from a variety of ways to support the North End Historical Society, including one-time gifts, monthly giving and gifts to support exciting cultural projects – thank you for your consideration and generosity.

The North End Historical Society is a beacon of hope for preserving the fascinating heritage and history of Boston's North End community. Most recently, we are currently supporting the creation of a sculpture by internationally recognized sculptor, Nancy Schön, best known for Boston's Make Way for Ducklings. The bronze sculpture, The Noble Journey, will honor Italian and other immigrants taking their first steps after crossing the Atlantic in the mid 1800's. These footprints will lead directly into St. Leonard Church, the first Italian Catholic Church in New England. It will remind all visitors of the values, challenges, courage, and dedication it took to make their vision a reality and inspire its continuity and evolution.

We appreciate your support, and your donation will help us achieve our goals and maintain our momentum. Thank you for your generosity.
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