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Introducing our law firm

Founded in 2009,
North End Historical Society is committed to uncovering the rich and dynamic history of one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods and finding ways to share it that responsive and accessible to all.

Welcome to the North End Historical Society

We are a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to identifying and documenting the history and culture of Boston's North End and to preserve, catalog, and present these resources in service to the wider community through publications, educational programs, and exhibits.

We welcome new members to the NEHS and hope to represent a broad spectrum of neighborhood interests and voices in our programming and publications.

History happens. We’re all a part of it, and we can learn a lot from one another.


North End Historical Society

PO Box 130152,Boston, Ma. 02113

News & Updates - April/May 

NEHS is very excited about our new major project: The Noble Journey
Sculpture to be installed in the iconic Peace Garden of St. Leonard Church in the North End by the summer of 2024. It is an interactive bronze sculpture to honor our ancestors who crossed the Atlantic from Italy and other parts of Europe from the 1850s to the 1920s to create a better life for themselves and future generations.

The Noble Journey is the brainchild of world-renowned sculptor, Nancy Schön (creator of the “Make Way for Ducklings” in Boston Public Garden) and leaders of the Friends of the North End and NEHS. It is a tax-deductible gift by NEHS to St. Leonard Church. We hope you will participate in this effort!
​We thank the 250 people and institutions who have generously donated to date! In less than 7 months, we are 3/4 to our goal of raising $120,000 to complete the project by this summer and have installation and dedication by September 29th.With your help we can succeed! 

To learn more about this fantastic story CLICK on the Child  and Duck below for a short 1 minute video!

May 16th Flyer 4 15.jpeg

Fundraising Update

We thank the 250 people who have already generously donated to date $103,400
fundraising-goal 103,400.png


MARCH 23RD Noble Journey Sculpture

Fundraising Event was a smash hit! 


The Noble Journey Sculpture Springs Forward


The Noble Journey Sculpture project of the North End Historical Society (NEHS) and
award-winning sculptor Nancy Schön of “Make Way for Ducklings” fame in the Boston
Public Garden, took a giant leap forward on March 23 rd . Over 130 North Enders and
others braved heavy rains to attend a fun afternoon event at Saint Joseph Hall of St.
Leonard Church to raise funds for the bronze sculpture to be installed in Saint Leonard’s
Peace Garden. The sculpture will honor several generations of immigrants who made
the arduous journey from Italy and other parts of Europe to the North End. With t proceeds,

NEHS has now raised $85,000 toward the $120,000 needed to install
the sculpture sometime in June. Over 200 people have donated to the project, a gift
from NEHS and the Friends of the North End to St. Leonard’s Church.

Attendees were treated to inspiring dialogue about immigration history and the
importance of the project from Saint Leonard pastor Fr. Michael Della Penna, Sculptor
Nancy Schön, NEHS president Tom Damigella, and board member Anthony Cortese.
Well-known North End attorney and author Patricia Annino had an engaging discussion
about her new book, Italians of the North End, with Tom Damigella, which explored the
history of Italians and other immigrants and the future challenges of the beloved North
End. Patricia generously provided signed complimentary copies to all attendees. The
iconic North End acapella group, Street Magic, brought the house down with their Doo
Wop and Italian music. 

The enthusiasm and support for the project was palpable. Nancy Schön, age 95 and
going strong, reflected on the potential impact of the sculpture: “This sculpture
represents the confluence of our cultural beliefs and our religious ethics. I believe that
introducing the footsteps of our forebears leading directly to the church that was built for
their benefit gives continuity for generations to come, symbolizing the pathway all
immigrants walked as they crossed the Atlantic to the United States for a better life.”
Learn more at

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patty small.jpg


We are North End enthusiasts, resident and non, who are committed to uncovering the rich and dynamic history of one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the entire USA



The North End Historical Society offers a range of educational programs for all ages. From sponsorship of public lectures and site tours, our programs are designed to engage and educate the public about the history and culture of the North End community.



Our research facilities provide access to a wealth of information about the North End community's history. From archives to oral histories, our resources are available for researchers, academics, and the general public.



The North End Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the stories and artifacts of the North End community's past. We work to ensure that these important pieces of history are not lost, but instead celebrated and shared with future generations.



We believe that engaging the community is an important part of preserving and sharing the history of the North End. Our programs and resources are designed to encourage community involvement and promote an appreciation for the past.

The Story of the North End

There are so many opportunities around every corner to learn something new. 


Alex Goldfeld, NEHS co-founder.

Our Board


Tony Cortese



Jessica DelloRusso

Executive Director & Historian


Tom Damigella


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